YouCopia®’s New Kitchen Organizing Products Help Transform Your Home into a Happy Place

Chicago (March 4, 2023) – YouCopia® builds on its innovative brand of home organizers with the introduction of several space-saving solutions that make it easier to quickly find what you need in the cabinet, drawer, pantry and under sink areas of your kitchen.
“YouCopia products go beyond the basic bin,” says YouCopia President Lauren Greenwood. “Our practical organizers address real, specific challenges around the home. Our customizable organizers set up in mere minutes with no tools or installation required, ever. We know many people don’t enjoy the process of organization, so our products do the work for them.”
Visitors to The Inspired Home Show, March 4-7 at McCormick Place in Chicago, will be the first to see YouCopia’s use of post-industrial recycled plastic in new products, as part of the company’s commitment to Organizers Made Better. This initiative considers people and the planet as YouCopia improves its products, packaging and practices for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Newly Available for the Drawer, Pantry and Under Sink

StoraBag™ Plastic Bag Dispenser promotes sustainability through re-use and recycling of plastic grocery bags. The slim container neatly stores up to 40 bags, with a spring-loaded platform that dispenses bags from the top. A recycling indicator turns blue when the unit is full and it’s time to recycle. The unit is made with recycled ABS plastic. The free-standing base has soft, non-slip feet. The dispenser measures 7.2" D x 4.0" W x 13.3" H. Available April 2023. SRP: $29.99
StoraRoll™ Food Wrap Dispenser, which was named a finalist in the 2023 IHA Global Innovation Awards (gia), beautifully dispenses two standard size rolls of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, parchment or wax paper. The unit features a removable lid for easy loading, and wide slots for frustration-free dispensing. A safety cutter glides on a track for a clean, smooth cut every time. Non-slip feet hold the unit in place. The dispenser includes 16 removable labels and is made with recycled ABS plastic that is BPA-free. It measures 15.2” D x 6.1” W x 2.8” H to fit standard size drawers. SRP: $24.99. A replacement Slide Cutter 3-Pack is available for SRP $9.99.
SinkSuite® Cleaning Caddy is a cute carry-all for cleaning day. It holds up to 20 pounds of cleaning supplies in all shapes and sizes under the sink. Two upper hanging loops maximize valuable vertical storage space. A sturdy center handle makes it easy to pick up and move from room to room. The unit, which includes two adjustable dividers, snaps together quickly, and has a long, slim base that takes up a smaller footprint. It is made of recycled ABS plastic and is BPA-free. The product measures 15.1" D x 8.0" W x 12.3" H. SRP: $29.99
StoraBag™ Reusable Bag Organizer is a waiting station for grocery, shopping and gift bags so you can quickly drop off and pick up when running errands. You’ll never forget your bags when they have a permanent, tidy location. Four tall adjustable dividers snap firmly into the base to create three custom compartments that keep up to 20+ bags upright and organized. Soft, non-slip feet hold the unit in place, while built-in handles help you pick up and move everything as needed. The unit measures 8.5" D x 10.75" W x 6.0" H and is made of recycled ABS plastic that is BPA-free. SRP: $19.99

Available June 2023 for the Cabinet, Pantry and Drawer

ShelfBin™ Packet Organizer is designed with four compartments to stash small things – packets, snacks, seasonings and more – in a cabinet or pantry. Tiered storage elevates items in the back for a quick grab, and built-in handles make it easy to carry anywhere. The Packet Organizer is made of recycled ABS plastic, is BPA-free, and measures 10.6” D x 6.4” W x 5.1” H. SRP: $14.99
ShelfBin™ Snack Organizer features three tiers that allow you to see what’s stored in the back of this pantry organizer. Two adjustable dividers create six custom-sized compartments with a big front compartment and large handle for easy transport. The Snack Organizer is made of recycled ABS plastic, is BPA-free, and measures 10.6” D x 10.0” W x 5.1” H. SRP: $19.99
ShelfBin™ Stacking Pantry Bins 2-Pack is made to stack with flip-down supports that help maximize vertical space. A large front opening gives easy access to produce, dry goods and pantry staples. When not in use, simply flip up the supports and nest bins together. The sturdy bins are made of recycled ABS plastic BPA-free. Each bin measures 8.8” L x 10.1” W x 6.5” H; two bins have a stacked height of 11.9” H. SRP: $24.99
RollOut® Pantry Drawer makes it easy to pull the pantry out with smooth wheels and sturdy handles. The drawer is ideal for organized storage of produce, dry goods, snacks and more. Two adjustable dividers create custom compartments as seasons change. Non-slip front feet keep bin in place. The Pantry Drawer is made of high-quality, durable BPA-free recycled ABS, and measures 15.1" D x 8.1" W x 5.6" H. SRP: $29.99
RollDown™ Beverage Can Dispenser keeps cans front and ready. With a gravity-fed design, standard aluminum cans roll gently down the ramp for quick and easy dispensing. Separate tiers can store 10 cans and two types of beverages in a space-saving footprint. Finger notches allow for one-handed removal. Soft, non-slip feet hold the unit in place. The Beverage Can Dispenser is made of high-quality, durable BPA-free, recycled ABS plastic, and measures 13.1” D X 5.6” W x 6.3” H. SRP: $19.99
Since its founding in 2009, YouCopia has helped millions of people discover the “woo hoo” feeling of being organized. The company creates practical organization products to fit different items throughout the home. With almost effortless set-up (no tools or installation required), anyone can transform their space into a happy place. YouCopia is a WBNEC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise based in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood.
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