• Our Story

    Our home brand started at home (well, in our garage).

    Our woman-owned company began with the SpiceStack—a simple way to keep your herbs and spices organized. But pretty soon, our garage was overflowing with inventory. And our neighbors were not too wild about the semi trucks dropping off pallets of product in our driveway. We knew we were onto something—and that we’d need more space, ASAP. 

  • We got our big break and moved into the big city.

    After landing on the shelves at some major retailers, we saw that the sky was the limit for YouCopia. So we opened our Chicago office and carefully expanded, making clever organizers for inside the cabinet, pantry, fridge, and throughout the house. Along the way, we introduced our mascot—affectionately named Woohoo—who represents the magical feeling that organization can bring.  

“We want to help people have a feeling of satisfaction in their homes. When you’re happily and easily moving through your day, that’s what YouCopia is all about."

Lauren Greenwood, Co-Founder and President

Our Beliefs

As a company, we have a few simple beliefs that guide everything we do.

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