• Our Beliefs

    We understand that getting organized is not everyone’s idea of fun. Even here at YouCopia, organizing doesn’t make our Top 5 list of ways to get our weekend kicks. So YouCopia products are designed to set up quickly, easily, and without installation. That way, you can focus on the things that matter most, whether that’s your people, pets, interests, or experiences.

  • We want to help you get organized so home can be a place of well-being and purpose. We make practical products that solve real problems and create less friction in the busyness of daily life. When everything is in its place, you can forget about looking for small stuff, and just ride the good vibes that come from a clean, organized space.

  • We can all agree that the world doesn’t need more throwaway, copycat products. All the options and constant scrolling lead to more stress, not less. So we strive to create unique, long-lasting storage and organization products. If what we design isn’t remarkably different—and if it doesn’t give you that YouCopia feeling—we simply won’t make it. 

  • Feel good. Do good.

    We believe we have a larger role to play beyond making and selling products. So while we dedicate time and effort to YouCopia, we also want our work to contribute to building a better place for ourselves, our families, our customers, and our planet. Giving back feels good in a way that makes us want to do more—it’s an amazing cycle!

    How we give
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    Find out what inspires us and how we turned a few simple ideas into a thriving, woman-owned business.

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