Supporting happy homes and a healthy planet. 

Our Commitment

Organizers Made Better considers people and the planet as we improve our products, packaging, and practices for a brighter future. 

Sustainable Products

All YouCopia organizers are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials to withstand many years of daily use. Starting in 2023, new products will be made with post-industrial recycled materials and we’re finding ways to make them recyclable at end of life too. 


YouCopia products are intentionally packaged with minimal air space for energy-efficient transport. Plastic-free boxes and inserts are clearly marked with recycling information, so packing materials end up in the proper bin, not the landfill.  

Honest Practices

YouCopia’s team of experts is based in Chicago, but we care about our global business impact. We support a network of domestic suppliers and maintain trusted partnerships with overseas manufacturers that earn social and environmental certifications annually.

Our Progress

YouCopia is always improving and working towards new sustainability goals.
Here are the steps we’ve taken to date.

Starting in 2023, new products are manufactured with post-industrial (factory-scrap) recycled materials

Packaging is engineered to use a minimal amount of materials with compact footprint for shipping efficiencies

100% of packaging is plastic-free and printed with soybean ink

Organizing Helps donates a portion of product sales to causes that support people + the planet

Our partner manufacturers undergo regular 3rd party audits to verify labor, health and safety, environmental and business ethics standards  

All YouCopia packaging
is 100% curbside recyclable and labeled
in partnership with HowToRecycle®

100% of our products are made with high-quality, durable materials and designed to last year after year

Products are
developed, designed,
and tested by our team
of experts in Chicago

Organizers Made Better

Shop our newest items made with post-industrial recycled materials.