Feel the Love of a Clutter-Free Home With YouCopia® Organizers

Chicago, IL, USA (March 17, 2024) — Visitors at The Inspired Home Show are invited to Booth N6238 to see YouCopia®, a leading innovator in home organization, and their new space-saving solutions that help reduce stress at home.

“YouCopia creates unique, patent-pending designs that solve real-life challenges and help make spaces more functional and sustainable,” said President Lauren Greenwood. “With our organizers, feeling the love of a clutter-free home is achievable for everyone.”

As part of the company’s 15-year anniversary celebration, visitors will get a sneak peek at YouCopia’s new Organizing Heroes collection of category best-sellers that have been reimagined with improved design features, recycled materials and an updated, clean aesthetic consumers will love.

“We understand that getting organized is not everyone’s idea of fun,” Greenwood says. “So YouCopia products are designed to set up quickly, easily, and without installation. Then you can focus on the things that matter most, whether that’s your people, pets, interests, or experiences.”

Product introductions at the 2024 show include:


Making Eggs an Easy Option

RollDown® Egg Dispenser, Double Track is a two-tier storage solution that holds and dispenses 24+ eggs of any size (standard, large, jumbo). Using gravity, the gentle slope feeds eggs from top to bottom tiers without cracking to keep them in easy reach. Dispenser is made with high-quality, BPA-free, recycled plastic. [Dimensions: 14.2” D x 6.6” W x 4.2” H] Available June 2024: SRP $24.99.

The new Double Track version expands on the success of the single-track RollDown Egg Dispenser, which has captured millions of TikTok and YouTube views since its introduction in 2022.


Taking It Up a Level

DrawerFit® Sliding Drawer Bin and DrawerFit® Sliding Drawer Tray create a second tier of storage to elevate and organize items in deep drawers. Resting on the top of the drawer frame, Bin and Tray easily slide across the drawer for convenient access to items stored below. Bin is perfect for holding grilling tools, oven mitts, and kitchen towels, while Tray includes two adjustable dividers for customizable storage that keeps smaller items in clear view. Both products expand up to 24” and feature locking teeth that hold at the desired length; a minimum interior drawer length of 14” is required. Units are made of high-quality, BPA-free, recycled plastic in a speckled white color. [Bin Dimensions: 15.0”-24.0” D x 7.1” W x 2.7” H; Tray Dimensions: 15.0”-24.0” D x 7.1” W x 2.0” H] Available now: SRP $19.99.


Sticking to Sustainable Style

ReStickable™ Drawer Dividers introduce nano-suction brackets that are reusable again and again…without installation, weak tension springs, or sticky residue. Drawer Dividers have a slim footprint for maximized storage space and slide off the bracket for easy cleaning or repositioning. Two sized sets are available to tackle both Deep (4.0”, 2-pack) and Shallow (2.5”, 3-pack) drawers. Both Drawer Divider sets expand from 12” up to 24” and are made of high-quality, BPA-free, recycled plastic in a speckled white color. [Deep Dimensions: 12.5”-24.0” D x 0.8” W x 4.2” H each; Shallow Dimensions: 12.5”-24.0” D x 0.8” W x 2.6” H each] Available now: SRP $19.99.


Ditching Food Storage Boxes and Rolls

StoraRoll™ Wrap Dispensers put an organized spin on your kitchen routine. This new collection is available in both a 3-in-1 [2024 IHA Global Innovation Award (gia) finalist] and 2-in-1 capacity and builds upon the original StoraRoll Food Wrap Dispenser with a patent-pending design featuring a cradle base and adjustable dividers to keep rolls in place. Standard rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment and wax paper pull through wide slots to stretch across the cutting track. Replaceable safety cutters glide back and forth for a clean cut every time. Removable lid makes reloading quick. Wrap Dispenser includes 16 labels for easy, quick finds and non-slip feet to hold the unit in place. Unit is made of high-quality, BPA-free, recycled plastic in a speckled white color. [3-in-1 Dimensions: 15.3” D x 8.5” W x 3.1” H; 2-in-1 Dimensions: 15.2” D x 6.1” W x 2.8” H] Available now: 3-in-1 SRP $34.99; 2-in-1 SRP $24.99.

StoraBag™ Food Bag Dispenser, 4-Slot Family Size fits “family-size” boxes of gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack plastic food bags in four large compartments with deeper slots versus the original StoraBag Food Bag Dispenser, 4-Slot. The top lid is removable for easy loading so you can ditch the box clutter and see what you have. The organizer lays down in a drawer or stands vertically in a cabinet. It includes 24 bright, removable labels and wide slots to help you quickly find and pull the needed bag. Food Bag Dispenser is made with high-quality, BPA-free, recycled plastic and is easy to clean. [Dimensions: 12.6” D x 12” W x 2.9” H] Available now: $34.99. Also available in 3-, or 5-Slot sizes made with high-quality, BPA-free plastic. SRPs $19.99 – $34.99.


Maximizing Under Sink Space

With an over-the-door design, DoorStash™ organizers hang (and hide) on the inside of cabinet doors — utilizing unused vertical space to elevate bulky, everyday items off cabinet floors and free up essential storage space for something else! Two products available.
DoorStash Garbage Bag Dispenser turns the thankless job of replacing the trash into a speedy one. It holds a standard roll of 13-gallon garbage bags that dispense through a wide front opening. Removable lid with top tray offers quick reloading and additional storage for other small items. [Dimensions: 6.7” D x 10.6” W x 10.3” H] Available now: SRP $34.99.

DoorStash Dishwasher Pod Holder brings pods in reach and makes running the dishwasher a simple graband-go. It holds 50+ dishwasher pods in a large, flip-down bin. Bin’s wide opening and removable lid with tray make it easy to refill pods, clean in case of spills, and store other small sink items. [Dimensions: 6.1” D x 11.8” W x 10.1” H] Available now: SRP $34.99.

Both DoorStash products come in a speckled white color and use a sturdy brushed nickel steel bracket with anti-fingerprint finish, fit standard cabinet doors up to 0.75” thick, and feature soft, non-slip padding for added protection/support. Holders are made with high-quality, BPA-free, recycled plastic. Available now: SRP $34.99.


Since its founding in 2009, YouCopia® has helped millions of people discover the “woo hoo” feeling of being organized. The company creates practical organization products to fit different items throughout the home. With almost effortless set-up (no tools or installation required), anyone can transform their space into a happy place. YouCopia® is a WBNEC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise based in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood.

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